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This issue’s feature article, What is ERP?

Another acronym your may be hearing more and more is ERP. It stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. These days software solutions integrate accounting with customer relationship management, manufacturing and other business processes that used to stand alone. Software companies are looking to provide their customers with whole solutions that integrate together, rather than individual pieces that do not share data. Think you’re missing something in your software solution? Please ask us for help.

V2012 was released last year.  If you have not downloaded this latest version, as well as recent updates, do so soon to take advantage of many new features.   V2013 is scheduled to be released the summer of 2013.  For more information on V2012, also V2010 and 2011, view a webcast at While you’re there consider the other free web events for your increased knowledge.

Sage currently supports BusinessWorks V2011 and V2012.  The latest update for V2012 is SP 7, and for V2011, SP16.  As always, there are release notes and instructions at your fingertips.  A Sage BusinessCare plan is required for access to software upgrades.

In 2012 Sage introduced a new customer portal, increasing the information and benefits to you .To logon from the support tab. You may be asked to set up a user name and password.  NOTE:  All customers were issued new account numbers in early 2012 and advised by Sage.  If you need your number, please contact ABC and we’ll be glad to provide it for you. 

Other information on this web site includes Social Networking, product resource documents, such as system requirements, and much more.

If you’re on an older version of BusinessWorks please contact us for an enhancement document and very reasonable pricing to bring your software up to date. 

Sage has a wide variety of software products, accounting and industry specific, as well as Payroll, Fixed Assets, CRM, Human Resources Management, Credit Card Processing, etc.   We are happy to answer any questions about these options.   You may also like to attend a webinar called Meet the Family at  This is very valuable information about your options as a Sage Customer including trade up discounts.


ABC has been a Sage Software Authorized Channel Partner since 1991. We continually update our knowledge of the program and are re-authorized each year by Sage.  Our primary focus is Sage BusinessWorks, assisting clients with whatever they may need.   In addition, we have resources and information regarding the entire Sage Software Product line.  We also have knowledge to assist you, or your accountant with transactions or procedures, custom reports, etc.


Next issue’s feature article, the cloud and hosted services



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