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This issue’s feature article, Stay ahead in the Cloud



Cloud computing is an influential trend in technology for both businesses and consumers. Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server.

Pluses include access from anywhere, lower risk of losing files due to hard drive crashes, easy and simple file sharing and cost advantages. 

Along with the pluses come several considerations such as 24/7 broadband access as well as privacy and security issues.  You want to know a great deal about your service provider.

Why is this important? Many Software companies are, or soon will be, able to provide their programs in new ways.  Via the cloud is one way.  Also, there are monthly subscriptions to reduce your initial capital investment, and hosting services where your software resides on a computer away from your place of business.  Not every software company has all of these options.

What you may not know: at ABC we’re not just installers, sales people, support techs. We know accounting so we can troubleshoot that pesky Bank Rec that just won’t balance. We also write custom reports, using Sage and often using Crystal Reports. One client wanted a report that looked at customer history and generated a report for parts they hadn’t ordered in over 90 days. F9 can create financials you thought you had to cut and paste to make, like a 12 months side by side income statement. Let us help you make the most of your software

BusinessWorks v2013 is currently in beta testing and is scheduled for release in mid July. Watch for information about the new features that will be included with this upgrade.  Available at no additional cost as part of your annual BusinessCare contract. 

Sage has a wide variety of software products, accounting, industry specific, as well as Payroll, Fixed Assets, CRM, Human Resources Management, Credit Card Processing, etc.   We are happy to answer any questions about these options.   You may also like to attend a webinar called Meet the Family at  This is very valuable information about your options as a Sage Customer including trade up discounts.


ABC has been a Sage Software Authorized Channel Partner since 1991. We continually update our knowledge of the program and are re-authorized each year by Sage.  Our primary focus is Sage BusinessWorks, assisting clients with whatever they may need.   In addition, we have resources and information regarding the entire Sage Software Product line.  We also have knowledge to assist you, or your accountant with transactions or procedures.




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